Table I.

Positive control peptides

MHC AlleleNameSequenceProteinaScoreC50 (μM)bRef.
A*0201C1ILKEPVHGVHIV-1 pol476–484+++1 μM30
B*0702C2QPRAPIRPIEBV EBNA 3C881–889+++0.8 μM31
B*3501C3MPLETQLAIMalaria LFA-177–85+++0.9 μM32
B*2705C4KRWIIMGLNKHIV-1 gag263–272+++8 μM29, 33
H-2KbC5FAPGNYPALSendai virus NP324–332+++0.05 μM34
H-2DbC5FAPGNYPALSendai virus NP324–332+++0.005 μM34
H-2KkC6SDYEGRLIInfluenza virus NP50–57+>20 μM35
  • a The value range listed in subscript indicate the position of the peptide in the sequence.

  • b The C50 value is the concentration of the peptide required for half maximal binding.