Table I.

Apoptosis and cellular viability of PBM following stimulation with TNF-αa

Apoptotic Protease (CPP32) Activity (units)MTT Assay (absorbance (A570–A650) ± SD)
Background9.00.004 ± 0.002
No stimulation17.40.162 ± 0.019
TNF-α (5 ng/ml)20.30.170 ± 0.026
TNF-α (50 ng/ml)19.00.209 ± 0.022
PMN457Not determined
  • a Assays were performed using 105 PBM (or PMN). Data represent the mean of duplicate samples for the apoptotic protease (CPP32) activity assay and quadruplicate samples for the cellular viability assay (MTT assay).