Table II.

Analysis of IF and OF rearrangements in pro-B cells from fetal bone marrowa

LibrarynbAnalyzedIF/OFRatioProportion of VH4 Genes Among OFR
VH4 family genes
PV42a17616668/980.6931 (32%)13(13%)13 (13%)28 (29%)
PV42b465437136/3010.4593 (31%)68(23%)48 (16%)56 (19%)
Total641603204/3990.51124 (31%)c81(20%)c61 (15%)c84 (21%)c
Proportion of VH3 Genes Among OFR
VH3 family genes
PV43a28220261/1410.4318 (13%)11 (8%)51 (36%)59 (42%)
PV43b28519267/1250.5416 (13%)3 (2.4%)43 (34%)65 (52%)
Total567394128/2660.4834 (13%)c14 (5%)94 (35%)c124 (47%)c
  • a The number of IF and OF rearrangements (OFR) of individual genes were determined using an HR-PAGE system. The frequency of representation of four VH4 and four VH3 genes among only the OFR was determined. The frequency was calculated by dividing the number of OFR of an individual gene by the total number of OFR.

  • b Total size of the library.

  • c Significantly (p < 0.05) higher frequency than the expected frequency (see Table I).