Table IV.

Genotype analysis of intra-NKC recombinant congenic mouse strains

LocusIntra-NKC Recombinant Congenic BALB.B6-CT 1–18 Mouse Strainsa
Nkrp1b ccccccbcbcccbcccccc
Cd69 cccccbcbcccbcccccc
Cd94 cbbbccbbcbcbbbbccc
D6Wum4d cbbbccbbcbcbbbbccc
Ly49a cbbbccbbcbcbbbbccc
D6Wum15e bbbbbbbbbb
D6Wum12d cbbbccbbcbcbbbbccc
D6Wum9d cbbbccbbcbcbbbbccc
Cmv1 cbbbccbbcbcbbbbccc
D6Wum16e bbbbbcbbcbbccccbbb
D6Mit13 bbbbbcbbcbbccccbbb
  • a Intra-NKC recombinant mouse strains were derived from the BALB.B6-Cmv1r congenic strain as described previously (16).

  • b Nkrp1, Cd69, Cd94, Ly49a, Cmv1, and D6Mit13 (Prp) alleles in these mice have been reported previously (16).

  • c Allele designations were as described in Table III.

  • d D6Wum4, D6Wum12, and D6Wum9 alleles were determined by restriction of intra-NKC recombinant mouse DNA and Southern hybridization with 52R (9), 242D11L1, and 200H7L probes, respectively (Tables I and II). The 242D11L1 probe detects 4-kb and 6-kb B6 fragments and 3-kb and 4-kb BALB/c or A/J BglII fragments.

  • e Allele determinations were as described in Table III.