Table II.

Characteristics and NKC marker content of YAC inserts aligned to the distal NKC

YAC CloneLibraryaSizeb (kb)FeaturescNKC-Linked Markersd
52A6eymWIBR530S, CH++
109B5eymWIBR1000U, CH+++
109F12ymWIBR715S, CH+++++
200H7ymWIBR660, 590, 530U, CH+++++
86F9ymWIBR660, 595U, ND++
76B10fymWIBR1000, 960, 860U, CH+++
452H5WI/MIT 820≥1100S, ND+++++
79D7ymWIBR475, 360, 200U, ND+++++
242D11WI/MIT 820820S, CH+++++++
392D6WI/MIT 8201130, 1100U, ND+++++
330B9WI/MIT 820970S, ND++++
377D10WI/MIT 820930, 830U, ND+++
289D8WI/MIT 820NDND++
289D9WI/MIT 820NDND++
144B3WI/MIT 820NDND++
  • a Two different Whitehead YAC libraries have been screened using NKC STS markers (see Materials and Methods).

  • b Size of pulsed-field gel bands was determined by Southern analysis using YAC vector and NKC Southern probes.

  • c S, stable; U, unstable; ch, nonchimeric; ch+, chimeric; ND, not determined.

  • d NKC STS primers and/or Southern probes were used to assess the content of these NKC YAC clones (Table I). Positive (+) and negative (−) results are indicated. Some YAC clones were not tested with some NKC markers.

  • e Proximal NKC marker content and characteristics for these YAC clones were reported previously (9 ).

  • f Chimerism of this clone has been inferred since the left end probe subcloned from this YAC insert does not overlap other NKC YACs.