Table I. Number of Ig sequences analyzed in this study
Sample GroupNo. of IgA SequencesNo. of IgG SequencesTotal No. of Sequences
Non-pSS controls (n = 4)45 (42)48 (44)93 (86)
pSS (before RTX) (n = 5)132 (123)97 (87)229 (210)
pSS (RTX plus 12 wk) (n = 5)112 (107)72 (72)184 (179)
pSS (RTX plus 36-52 wk) (n = 5)72 (62)58 (58)130 (120)
  • The number of IgG and IgA sequences obtained in this study from non-pSS controls and from pSS patients at baseline, at 12 wk after RTX, and at 36–52 wk after RTX are shown. A total of 543 productive IGHV3 Ig sequences were obtained from five pSS patients. The numbers of sequences that were analyzed by the BASELINe software are indicated in parentheses. Sequences that were unmutated or contain insertions and/or deletions were excluded by BASELINe.