Table II.

Interassay variability of quantitative RT-PCR measurement of gene expressiona

Expt.No StimulationStimulation with 209-pa (1 μM)
1PBMC prevaccination6876
PBMC after 2 vaccinations46 5396
2PBMC prevaccinationNDND
PBMC after 2 vaccinations40 5064
3PBMC prevaccination8396
PBMC after 2 vaccinations135 6184
4PBMC prevaccination6588
PBMC after 2 vaccinations59 5680
Mean± SEM72 ± 5.487± 5.9
70 ± 22.0 5581± 237.1
  • a Data of four consecutive experiments are presented for the patient case presented in Fig. 1b. Calculated IFN-γ copies of mRNA standardized over CD8 mRNA copy number after 4 h of PBMC stimulation with g209-pa peptide (1 μM). Each experiment represent a totally independent thaw and stimulation of PBMC with subsequent analysis of IFN-γ mRNA expression. Values represent copies of IFN-γ mRNA per 104 copies of CD8 mRNA. 209-pa reactivities twice control (no peptide stimulation) are underlined.