Table IV.

PS-ODNs with methylated cytosine (PS/met ODNs) are ineffective in inducing the Th1 shifting of allergen-specific T cellsa

Reagents Added in Bulk CulturePreparation% of Cells Expressing the Indicated Cytokine
Expt. 1Expt. 2
IL-4+IFN-γ+IL-4+ IFN-γ+IL-4+IFN-γ+IL-4+ IFN-γ+
  • a PBMC from two atopic Der p-sensitive donors were stimulated for 6 days with Der p 1 (10 μg/ml) in the presence of medium alone, IL-12 (100 U/ml), or PS- or PS/met ODNs (10 μg/ml). T cell blasts were then expanded for additional 8 days with IL-2 and then assessed for their IL-4 and IFN-γ intracellular content by flow cytometry, following stimulation with PMA and ionomycin for 4 h, the last two of which in the presence of brefeldin A, as described in Materials and Methods.