Table III.

T cell subsets following infection of wild-type and CD4-deficient micea

Mouse StrainDays Postinfection% CD4+% CD8+% CD48
Wild type058279
MHC class II−/−086523
Wild type14682210
MHC class II−/−1466923
Wild type24621915
MHC class II−/−24145033
  • a Spleen cells were obtained from mice infected with M. tuberculosis and triple-stained for cell surface expression of CD3, CD4, and CD8. Cells were analyzed by flow cytometry. CD3+ cells were gated and analyzed for CD4 and CD8 expression. The percentages of CD3+ cells that are also positive for either CD4 or CD8, or neither, are shown. The average values for two to four mice per group per time point are reported.