Table II.

Granuloma formation in the presence and absence of CD4 T cellsa

Days PostinfectionWild TypeMHC Class II−/−CD4−/−
No./10× field% NOS2+No./10× field% NOS2+No./10× field% NOS2+
  • a Liver sections from mice at various times postinfection were stained by hematoxylin and eosin and microscopically examined; the number of granulomas per 10× field were recorded. Sections from three to four mice per group and per time point were assessed; five to eight 10× fields for each slide were counted. Mean number of granulomas per 10× field are reported. Serial sections were stained with anti-NOS2 Ab, and the percentage of positively staining granulomas was determined. Two to four samples from each group at each time point were examined, and results were combined to obtain the overall percentage of granulomas staining positively for NOS2.

  • ND, not done.

  • b p < 0.001 compared with wild type.

  • cp < 0.05 compared with wild type.