Table V.

GCS down-regulates MHC class II and B7, but does not affect MHC class I expression on monocytesa

CellsCultureMean Channel Fluorescence (MCF)
HLA-DR (MHC class II)CD80 (B7.1)CD86 (B7.2)HLA-A, B, C (MHC class I)
PBMCMedia572.6 (4.5)b5.2 (3.4)818.0 (4.8)1557.1 (5.5)
GCS-treated PBMCMedia283.9 (4.8)5.2 (4.2)414.3 (4.4)1544.7 (5.5)
PBMCMedia + IFN-γ2011.8 (18.9)30.2 (5.4)876.8 (5.1)2212.7 (7.1)
GCS-treated PBMCMedia+ IFN-γ895.9 (12.8)13.1 (6.1)351.6 (6.5)2445.3 (7.8)
  • a PBMC were preincubated with or without GCS (final 1:20) at 37°C for 1 h and washed twice with medium. PBMC (1.5 × 106/ml) were then cultured with or without human IFN-γ (100 U/ml) for 24 h. Cells were stained with anti-CD14-phycoerythrin/FITC and gated on CD14+ monocytes to show the difference in the MCF of anti-HLA-DR, CD80, CD86, HLA-A, -B, -C-FITC/phycoerythrin staining, respectively. The data shown are representative of one of four experiments performed on PBMC from six donors.

  • b Numbers in parentheses indicate the MCF of the isotype control.