Table I.

Comparison of effects of culture supernatants from different glioblastoma lines on cytokine production and T cell proliferation

Culture ConditionsCytokine Production of SAC-Stimulated PBMC (pg/ml)PHA-Stimulated PBMC [3H]TdR uptake (cpm)
IL-12 (p70)IL-10IFN-γ
PBMCNo GCS64.9540.49649.063917.0
  • a A representative experiment from 10 or more experiments performed.

  • b Concentrated SNB-19 supernatant from the University of Kentucky laboratory; final dilution of 1/20.

  • c Unconcentrated SNB-19 supernatant from the NCI laboratory; final dilution of 1/2.

  • d Unconcentrated U251 supernatant; final dilution of 1/2.