Table II.

Adhesion molecule expression by pancreatic endothelium

Day 3Day 6Day 3Day 6
  • a Th1 and Th2 cells were generated from CD4 cells that were isolated from the spleens of BDC 2.5 TCR transgenic mice by culture in anti-CD3-coated flasks in medium supplemented with rIL-2 and anti-CD28 and either rIL-12 and anti-IL-4, or rIL-4 and anti-IFN-γ, respectively, as described in Materials and Methods. After 4 days, 8 × 106 cells of each subset were transferred to groups of NOD.scid recipients (n = 6). At 3 and 6 days after cell transfer, pancreata from recipients were snap- frozen, and 8-μm-thick sections were cut on a cryostat, air-dried overnight, and stained with mAb to vβ4 to identify transferred T cells, and to the indicated adhesion markers followed by appropriate biotinylated second-step reagents and biotin-avidin peroxidase. After the color reaction with diaminobenzidine, sections were counterstained with hematoxylin.