Table IV.

Oligonucleotide DNA protects mice against lethal F. tularensis LVS infection

Treatment i.p. Day 0LVS i.p. Day 3aDeaths/Total
Dose response of protection
PBS103 LVS5/5
20 μg oligo #1103 LVS0/5
2 μg oligo #1103 LVS2/5
0.2 μg oligo #1103 LVS4/5
0.02 μg oligo #1103 LVS5/5
Strength of protection
20 μg Me-oligo #11035/5
20 μg oligo #11031/5
20 μg oligo #11040/5
20 μg oligo #11053/5
20 μg oligo #11065/5
  • a BALB/cByJ mice (groups of five) were treated and challenged as indicated; actual priming and challenge doses were confirmed by plate count at the time of inoculation. Mice were observed for morbidity and mortality through day 30, at which time surviving mice were sacrificed to assess clearance of bacteria from spleens. Time to death of those mice that died ranged from 5 to 8 days after challenge, and no group had a significantly different MTD from the matched PBS-treated control mice. These experiments are representative of five total experiments and four total experiments, respectively, of similar design.