Table I.

Detection of Ag–bearing cells in cervical lymph nodes and spleen, 24 h after application of FITC intranasallya

Total Number of FITC+/MHC II+ Cells (×105)
Expt. 1Expt. 2Expt. 3
Internal jugular lymph node1.460.861.50
Superficial cervical lymph node2.005.122.36
Facial lymph node0.180.450.29
  • a FITC was applied intranasally and after 24 h, spleen, internal jugular, superficial cervical, and facial lymph odes were collected. Cell suspensions were prepared and pooled from three mice, 1 × 106 cells were stained for MHC class II expression and 50,000 events were counted by FACS. Numbers represent the absolute number of positive cells in the total organ suspension per mouse from three different experiments.