Table II.

Effect of peritoneal MØ depletion on chemokine production following administration of a low dose of zymosana

TreatmentKC (ng per cavity)mMCP-1 (ng per cavity)
Vehicle2.40 ± 0.251.64 ± 0.17
MØ-depleted0.65 ± 0.19b2.14 ± 0.16
  • a Mice were pretreated with sterile saline (vehicle group) or with a clodronate-liposome preparation as described in Materials and Methods. A low dose of zymosan (0.2 mg in 0.5 ml of sterile saline) was then injected i.p., and peritoneal cavities were washed 4 h later. Lavage fluids were tested for the reported chemokines using specific ELISA. Data are mean ± SE of six to eight mice per group.

  • b p < 0.05.