Table I.

Selective depletion of peritoneal MC and MØ with liposomes and compound 48/80a

i.p. PretreatmentPeritoneal MØPeritoneal MC
106 per cavity%103 per cavity%
Vehicle3.97 ± 0.351006.30 ± 0.58100
Liposome0.43 ± 0.20b116.56 ± 0.77104
Vehicle3.61 ± 0.281006.70 ± 0.71100
Compound 48/803.60 ± 0.451000.36 ± 0.10b5
  • a Mice were pretreated with sterile saline (vehicle group), liposomes encapsulating clodronate (to reduce MØ numbers), or compound 48/80 (to reduce the number of intact MCs) as described in Materials and Methods. Peritoneal cavities were washed 24 h after last i.p. injection of liposomes (and 72 h postcompound 48/80) and the number of resident MØ or MCs determined following specific staining and cell counts in a Neuabuer chamber. Data are mean ± SE of 12 mice per group.

  • b p < 0.05 vs respective vehicle group.