Table IV.

Human CTL recognition of sequences in avian (A/Hong Kong/97 [H5N1])-derived strains

Protein SpecificityMHCEpitopeStrain SequenceaVirus StrainRelative SILbAccession Number
NS1A2.1122–130A I M D K N I M LA/Udorn/74+A04088
******* I*A/PR/8/34+J02150
***** D* I*A/HK/156/97AF036360
***** D* I *A/HK/483/97 c
M2B447–15V E T P I R N E WA/PR/8/34+M10642
*** L T** G *A/CHICK/PENN/1370/83(32)
*** L T** G *A/HK/156/97AF036358
*** L T** G *A/HK/483/97 c
NPB27383–391S R Y W A I R T RA/PR/8/34+J02147
******** *A/NJ/8/76+M63754
******** *A/HK/156/97+AF036359
******** *A/HK/483/97+ c
M1A2.158–66G I L G F V F T LA/PR/8/34+M10642
******** *A/HK/156/97+AF036358
******** *A/HK/483/97+ c
NPB27174–184R R S G A A G A A V KA/PR/8/34+J02147
********* I *A/HK/156/97+AF036359
********* I *A/HK/483/97+ c
NS1DR334–42D R L R R D Q K SA/PR/8/34+J02150
******** *A/HK/156/97+AF036360
******** *A/HK/483/97+ c
M1DR117–31S G P L K A E I A Q R L E D VA/PR/8/34+M10642
************* **A/HK/156/97+AF036358
****** Q*** **** *A/HK/483/97 c
  • a Sequences obtained from GenBank database. *, Same amino acid as above.

  • b Relative specific immune lysis (SIL) = % specific immune lysis by human CTL clones of human influenza strain epitope peptides. Lysis of avian peptide sequence is indicated as positive (+) with specific lysis >15% or not detected (−).

  • c K. Subbarao, unpublished observations.