Table II.

Effect of mutations on the HK/156/97 virus on CTL recognition by human CD8+ and CD4+ CTL lines to H1N1 epitopes

DonorCell LineCD8/CD4Protein SpecificityEpitopeVirus Strain% Specific Lysis of Peptide Pulsed TargetsPeptide Sequencea
2.5 μg/ml0.25 μg/ml0.025 μg/ml
110-2C2CD8NS1122–130A/Udorn/7477.279.169.6A I M D K N I M L
A/HK/156/97−5.1−7.1−5.6* **** D* I*
23E5CD4NP254–264A/PR/8/3416.72.50.5E D L T F L A R S A L
A/HK/156/9719.11.30.3* ** I*******
3124CD8M27–15A/PR/8/347565.515.1V E T P I R N E W
A/HK/156/97−1.9−2.1−1.6* ** L T** G*
  • a ∗, Same amino acid as above.