Table I.

Decreased viability of cells from Ag plus anti-IL-12-treated mice following in vitro stimulation with OVA is partially reversed by antagonizing Fas/FasL but not TNF-α/TNF-Rα interactiona

% Viable Cells
OVA aloneOVA + Fas-FcOVA + anti-TNF-α
48 h of culture
PP cells
OVA fed26.625.121.5
OVA fed+ anti-IL-1216.434.414.8
Spleen cells
OVA fed44.652.148.4
OVA fed+ anti-IL-1225.331.426.9
96 h of culture
PP cells
OVA fed44.756.844.9
OVA fed+ anti-IL-1229.044.231.7
Spleen cells
Anti-IL-12 alone52.955.649.3
OVA ip51.053.248.4
OVA ip+ anti-IL-1236.446.432.6
OVA fed45.250.563.1
OVA fed+ anti-IL-1223.740.628.1
  • a Percent of viable cells in the lymphocyte gate as determined by PI staining of the cultured cells as described in Materials and Methods are given. Cells were cultured with OVA (1 mg/ml) for the indicated time periods. Data are representative of three experiments (for OVA feeding) and two experiments (for OVA ip) with three to five mice pooled per group.