Table I.

Enhanced expression of B7-1 and B7-2 by Peyer’s patch B cells and macrophages treated with mCT E112K, nCT, or rCT-Ba

Increase (%)bE112KnCTrCT-BGM1-Treated
B220+ cells
Mac-1+ cells
  • a T cell-depleted Peyer’s patch cells (1 × 106/ml) were incubated with 1 μg/ml of nCT, mCT E112K, or rCT-B for 20 h. In some experiments, mCT E112K, nCT, or rCT-B were incubated with GM1-ganglioside at a molar ratio of 1:100 for 1 h at 37°C, and GM1-treated nCT, mCT, or rCT-B was then incubated with T cell-depleted Peyer’s patch cells. After incubation, cells were removed, washed, and then costained with FITC-conjugated anti-B220 or anti-Mac-1 and biotinylated anti-B7-1 or anti-B7-2 mAbs followed by streptavidin-PE.

  • b Increases in the frequency of B7 expression were shown as the difference between treated and untreated cells when compared with isotype-matched controls after electronic gating for B220+ or Mac-1+ cells.