Table I.

OVA Ag-specific cytokine-releasing activity by Tc1 and Tc2 effector cell populationsa

Effector Cell PopulationRestimulation Time (h)Restimulation withCytokine Productionb
IFN-γ (U/ml/106 cells)IL-4 (pg/ml/106 cells)IL-5 (U/ml/106 cells)
Tc124EG.7-OVA12,224 ± 64900
48EG.7-OVA13,942 ± 1,37000
Tc224EG.7-OVA260 ± 642,270 ± 5231,165 ± 1,100
48EG.7-OVA1,150 ± 2808,010 ± 40038,940 ± 1,000
  • a OVA Ag-specific Tc1 and Tc2 effector cells were generated in vitro from naive CD8 T cells of OVA-TcR trangenic OT-I mice as described in Materials and Methods. Freshly generated effector cells were harvested and restimulated with mitomycin C-treated EG.7-OVA or parental EL4 tumor cells for 24 or 48 h. Supernatants were harvested and analyzed for cytokines by ELISA.

  • b Data are expressed as the mean ± SEM of five independent experiments.