Table I.

MHC class II expression on HLA-DQ transgenic LNCsa

Mouse Strain% MHC Class II Expression
DQ6αβ/8αβ (Aβ0)b32.546.3c
DQ6αβ (Aβ0)39.451.9
DQ8αβ (Aβ0)b38.17.2
DQ neg (Aβ0)d
B10 (H-2b)43.7
B10.Eαk (H-2Ab/Eαkb)41.032.4
  • a LNCs were purified, labeled with MHC class II specific mAbs, and detected with a species-specific FITC-conjugated mAb by flow cytometry. The percentage expression is obtained from LNCs pooled from two mice/strain and are representative of at least three separate assays for each strain.

  • b Presence of DQ8β gene was confirmed by PCR.

  • c — level of detection was less than or equal to background staining.

  • d Transgene negative littermates of each strain were assessed with none of the strains expressing murine or human class II molecules on the surface of LNCs.