Table V.

Pathogenic potential of IL-10−/− CD4+ CD45RBhigh T cells cultured with or without IL-12

Culture ConditionsaMean Disease Score in RAG-2−/− Recipients of Cultured Cells (0–25)b
IL-2+ IL-1211.8 ± 1.9
IL-2+ anti-IL-120.5 ± 1.0
Anti-IL-2+ IL-127.6 ± 3.3
Freshly isolatedc9.0 ± 2.7
  • a Sorted T cells were cultured on CD3-coated plates for 16 days with cytokines and mAb as indicated (refer to Materials and Methods section for details of culture conditions).

  • b Cultured cells were injected i.p. into RAG-2−/− mice (n = 5) and the mean severity of colonic lesions assessed 8 wk post-cell transfer (refer to Materials and Methods section for a description of histologic analysis).

  • c Cells (5 × 104) were immediately injected i.p. into RAG-2−/− recipient mice (n = 5) following sorting.