Table IV.

Effect of anti-IL-12 or anti-IFNγ mAb treatment on the incidence of colitis in RAG-2−/− recipients of adult IL-10−/− spleen CD4+CD45RBhigh T cells

mAb Treatment of Rag-2−/− Recipients of IL-10−/− T CellsaNumber of Mice AffectedDisease Score Distribution (0–25)bMean Disease Score (0–25)bNumber of CD4+ T cellsMHC II Expression on Colonic Epithelial Cellsc
0> 0–5> 5–10> 10–20> 20–25spleen (×10−6)MLN (×10−6)
Anti-IL-129/18 (50%)944106.1 ± 3.8d0.6 ± 0.3d0.05 ± 0.03d
Anti-IFN-γ8/8 (100%)014309.6 ± 3.0NDND
Control mAb15/15 (100%)01411011.9 ± 3.11.6 ± 0.70.40 ± 0.21+
  • a A total of 5 × 104 IL-10−/− CD4+CD45RBhigh T cells were transferred per RAG-2−/− recipient mouse, 2 mg mAb administered i.p. on day 0 (coincident with cell transfer) and weekly for 6 wk.

  • b Mean severity of colonic lesions in affected mice assessed at 7 wk post-cell transfer; refer to Materials and Methods for a description of histologic analysis. Data incorporates two to three independent experiments.

  • c MHC class II expression by colonic epithelial cells assessed by immunohistochemistry.

  • d Denotes a significant difference to corresponding control mAb score (assessed by using an unpaired Student’s t test).