Table II.

Effects of IL-10 plus anti-IL-12 mAb treatment on colitis in adult IL-10−/− mice

TreatmentaMean Disease Score (0–25)b
Control mAb8.6 ± 2.2
IL-105.0 ± 4.0
Anti-IL-122.3 ± 2.9c
IL-10 plus anti-IL-125.0 ± 3.7
  • a Mice (six to eight per group) were treated with 40 μg/day IL-10 and/or 2 mg mAb/wk i.p. for 6 wk.

  • b Mean severity of colonic lesions; refer to Materials and Methods for a description of histologic analysis.

  • c Denotes a significant difference to control mAb score (assessed by using an unpaired Student’s t test).