Table I.

Effects of anti-IL-12 or anti-IFNγ mAb treatment on the incidence and severity of colitis in IL-10−/− mice

mAb Treatment of IL-10−/− MiceaNumber of Mice AffectedDisease Score Distribution (0–25)bMean Disease Score (0–25)b
Ten-day-old mice
Anti-IL-121/16 (6%)1510001.0
Control mAb19/19 (100%)0116208.6 ± 1.1
Three-month-old adult mice
Anti-IL-1223/25 (92%)2202103.3 ± 2.5c
Anti-IFN-γ16/16 (100%)009709.3 ± 2.7c
Control mAb22/22 (100%)00616011.7 ± 2.1
  • a Mice treated with 2 mg mAb i.p. per week for 8 wk.

  • b Mean severity of colonic lesions in affected mice; refer to Materials and Methods for a description of histologic analysis. Data incorporates two to three independent experiments for each age group.

  • c Denotes a significant difference to corresponding control mAb score (assessed by using an unpaired Student’s t test).