Table II.

Linkage of marker loci to EAE susceptibility and disease index

LocusaMarkerMITbMGDbχ2p ValueLODc% VariancedOrigin of Susceptibility Allelee
Significant and/or confirmed linkagef
eae4D7Mit852425.019.390.000062.722.6B, recessive
eae5D17Mit10510.921.9513.340.00133.232.6S, dominant
  • a By convention, EAE-modifying loci are given the designation eae-n and numbered in order of discovery.

  • b Locations are as reported on the Whitehead/MIT Mouse Genome map ( or as according to Mouse Genome Database (

  • c Maximum LOD scores generated by interval mapping using MAPMAKER/QTL under the assumptions of a free genetic model.

  • d Percent of the variance attributable to the EAE-modifying loci is calculated using MAPMAKER/QTL under the assumptions of a free genetic model.

  • e Indicates which parental allele of the EAE-modifying locus is associated with susceptibility or disease index. Significance of the differences between genotypic values for each QTL were determined by Tukey’s multiple comparison test (α = 0.05). B, B10.S; S, SJL/J, He, Heterozygote.

  • f Experimentwise permutation derived threshold value for significance of linkage to disease index is 95% = 3.26. Certain linkages detected in this report are confirmatory of previously identified EAE-modifying loci.