Table IV.

Recognition of a gp100 cDNA fragment PTR by HLA-A2-restricted CTL, TIL1383 clone 51, and TIL1200

StimulatorGM-CSF (pg/ml)a
TIL1383 clone 51TIL 1200
397 melNT15
624 mel281100
888 mel<8NT
293A2+ pCDNA3<819
293A2+ PTR110268
293A2+ gp10048203
  • a Recognition by TIL was tested by measuring granulocyte-macrophage CSF (GM-CSF) using ELISA. 293A2 is a embryonic kidney cell line stably transfected with HLA-A2 cDNA. 293A2 were transfected with pcDNA3, PTR (gp100 cDNA fragment isolated by cDNA expression cloning), or gp100 (full-length gp100 cDNA).