Table V.

Clinical data

Patient IDHLA TypeStageaAdjuvantVaccine- Induced CD8+ T Cell ResponsebProgression- Free at 1 Year
445A*0201IIIL-2 lipcYes
471A*0201IVIL-2 lipNo
462A*0201IIIIL-2 lipNo
477A*0201IIIL-2 lipNo
483A*0201IIIIL-2 lipNo
484A*0205IIIL-2 lipNo
436A*0201IIIIL-2 lip+Yes
191A*0201IIIIL-2 lip+Yes
375A*0201IIIIL-2 lip+Yes
422A*0201IIIIL-2 lip+Yes
442A*0201IVIL-2 lip+Yes
460A*0201IIIL-2 lip+Yes
468A*0201IIIL-2 lip+Yes
418A*0201IVIL-2 lip+No
482A*0201IVIL-2 lip+No
467A*0201IIIIL-2 lip+No
478A*0201IIIL-2 lip+No
479A*0201IIIL-2 lip+No
  • a AJCC stage diagnosis at time of first vaccine immunization.

  • b Vaccine-induced CD8+ T cell response to one or more of the studied Ags.

  • c Vaccine was encapsulated in liposomes along with IL-2.

  • d Vaccine was bound to alum.