Table I.

Effect of FL immunotherapy on the liver metastases, liver, and spleen in tumor-bearing micea

FL-Treated MicebControl micecp Valued
Number of metastasese36.00 ± 11.0092.00 ± 10.19<0.05
Spleen weight (g)0.29 ± 0.050.08 ± 0.01<0.01
Liver weight (g)1.49 ± 0.101.30 ± 0.03NS
SGPTf (IU)36.20 ± 5.1760.80 ± 24.61NS
  • a A total of 19 mice in 4 independent experiments were analyzed. The animals were sacrificed 17 days after the portal injection of C3 tumor cells and the number of liver metastases, liver and spleen weights, and liver enzymes were determined.

  • b Nine mice were treated with FL starting on Day 3 after injection of C3 sarcoma cells.

  • c Ten control mice received MSA injections using similar treatment schedule.

  • d NS, non significant.

  • e The mean number of metastases, spleen and liver weight and SGPT activity are shown ± SEM.

  • f SGPT, serum glutamic pyrovic transaminases.