Table I.

TIL specificity by cytotoxicity and cytokine releasea

StimulatorCytotoxicity (% Specific Lysis)b Cytokine Release (pg/ml)c
T2 + MART-113 ± 2.621 ± 1.731 ± 2.1125
T2 + MAGE-30008
T2 only00016
  • a MART-127–35 specificity of HLA A2.1 melanoma patient TIL was assessed by both cytotoxicity and TNFα cytokine release against T2 cells. The MART-127–35 peptide was compared with the control MAGE3 peptide and no peptide.

  • b Cytotoxicity was assessed in a standard 4-h 51Cr release assay. The E:T ratios used are shown above each column. Data are presented as mean percentage of specific lysis of triplicate wells ± SEM.

  • c Cytokine release after TIL stimulation by T2 cells with and without peptide pulsing was assessed by ELISA. All samples were performed in duplicate.