Table I.

MBP peptide-reactive CD8 T cell line-mediated cytotoxicity of HLA-A2 OL in absence of exogenous peptidea

CD8 T Cell Line HLA-HaplotypeOLOL + Pan-MHC Class I AbOL + IgG2aHMy2 Cells + MBP Peptide
Control group CD8 T cell lines
MS patients CD8 T cell lines
  • a Data indicate the cytotoxic effect (% 51Cr release) induced by MBP peptide 110-118-reactive CD8 T cell lines, generated from HLA-A2 normal donors and MS patients, on human OLs derived from an HLA-A2 donor (HLA-A2,28:B35,45). OL targets were utilized alone (OL) or in presence of anti-MHC class I mAb or IgG2a control mAb. Data present results from individual cell line experiments conducted at 10:1 E:T ratios. The corresponding extent of lysis of HLA-A2-transfected HMy2.C1R cells that were pulsed with MBP peptide 110-118 mediated by individual CD8 T cell lines is also shown.

  • b , **, and *** indicate which T cell lines are the same as those used in the studies presented in Table II.