Table I.

Amino acid comparisons between SpC3 and other thioester family proteinsa

Protein, SpeciesAccession No.% Identity% Similarity Plus Identity
C3, hagfishgb‖Z1159526.443.3
C3, lampreysp‖Q0068525.543.1
C3, troutpir‖I5133925.142.7
C3, cobrasp‖Q0183324.843.0
C3, chickenpir‖I5071126.744.4
C3, guinea pigsp‖P1238727.541.1
C3, ratgb‖X5247726.843.9
C3, mousesp‖P0102726.941.7
C3, humansp‖P0102427.945.2
C4, xenopusgb‖D7800326.744.1
C4, mousesp‖P0102925.544.8
SLP, mousegb‖M2157626.644.4
C4A, humangb‖K0240325.944.9
C4B, humangb‖U2457825.743.1
C5, mousesp‖P0668424.142.8
C5, humansp‖P0103123.143.9
α2M, limulusgb‖D8319621.336.6
α2M, lampreygb‖D1356721.137.1
α2M, guinea pigpir‖JC514320.437.6
α1M, ratgb‖M7718321.337.4
α1 inhibitor, ratsp‖P1404621.437.3
α2M, ratsp‖P0623820.737.4
α2M, mousesp‖Q6183820.837.1
α2M, humansp‖P0102320.839.0
PZP, humangb‖X5438020.539.2
  • a The Clustal W alignment program (21) was used to align SpC3 to each of the thioester proteins listed. The percent identical and percent similar plus identical amino acids were calculated based on the SpC3 length of 1699 amino acids. sp, Swiss Protein database; pir, PIR database; gb, GenBank database.