Table I.

Percentages of internalized gold-labeled anti-CD1b in different compartments of DCsa

Coated pits0.70.7
Coated vesicles0.40.3
Early endosomes2861
Late endosomes5231
  • a Immunogold labeling on DCs was performed as described in Materials and Methods. Cells were treated as shown in Figure 8. Briefly, they were incubated in the presence of gold-labeled anti-CD1b for 1 h at 4°C, then 30 min at 20°C in the absence or presence of nocodazole, and finally 5 min at 37°C with the same treatment (+/− nocodazole). The values represent percentages of the total number of gold particles counted in 60- and 40-cell profiles, respectively, for the two conditions.