Table II.

Susceptibility of p55 and p75 TNFR-deficient mice to LPS induced septic shocka

StrainDose of LPS, deaths/total (% lethality)
50 μg/g35 μg/g
C57BL/625/30 (83)14/20 (70)
(C57BL/6 × 129)F117/18 (94)9/10 (90)
p55−/−15/19 (79)6/11 (55)
p75−/−19/26 (73)7/10 (70)
B6N5p75−/−6/9 (67)4/7 (57)
p55−/−p75−/−9/14 (64)6/10 (60)
B6N4p55−/−p75−/−10/12 (83)ND
  • a Mice were injected i.p. with the indicated dose of LPS per g body weight and monitored twice daily for deaths. The data shown are a pool of three experiments for the 50-μg/g dose and a pool of two experiments for the 35-μg/g dose.