Table I.

Mamu-A*01 binding capacity of a panel of SIV gag181–191 truncations

PeptideSequenceLength (bp)IC50 (nM)
SIV gag 181–191CTPYDINQMLN11703a
SIV gag 181–190CTPYDINQML105.9
SIV gag 181–189CTPYDINQM94.3
SIV gag 181–188CTPYDINQ819936
SIV gag 182–190TPYDINQML9112
SIV gag 182–189TPYDINQM8528
SIV gag 183–190PYDINQML810886
SIV gag 183–189PYDINQM7>30000
  • a IC50 values represent the concentration of test peptide required to outcompete 50% of the radiolabeled peptide.