Table II. Microarray analysis of RNA from skin of K5cre-caNrf2 and K5cre-CMVcaNrf2 mice at postnatal day 2.5
AbbreviationGene NameAlternative AbbreviationK5cre-caNrf2 MiceK5cre-CMVcaNrf2 Mice
Mean Ratio (Fold Change)Mean p ValueMean Ratio (Fold Change)Mean p Value
IL-1 family
 Il1aIL-1 α1.1190.16471.151.15
 Il1bIL-1 β0.16470.09801.2960.0309
 Il1raIL-1R antagonistN.A.N.A.N.A.N.A.
 Il1f5IL-1 family, member 5Il36ra0.97740.4111.1040.0487
 Il1f6IL-1 family, member 6Il36a1.0350.7050.85020.0458
 Il1f7IL-1 family, member 7N.A.N.A.N.A.N.A.
 Il1f8IL-1 family, member 8Il36b0.96750.6871.5011.90E−04
 Il1f9IL-1 family, member 9Il36g1.9484.47E−054.3961.01E−05
 Il1f10IL-1 family, member 101.0410.6480.90710.9071
 Il1f11IL-1 family, member 11N.A.N.A.N.A.N.A.
IL-1R family
 Il1rl1IL-1R–like 11.0020.93920.94440.2302
 Il1rl2IL-1R–like 2Il36R1.1020.24660.65920.0104
 Il1rapIL-1R accessory protein1.0570.22021.030.4624
  • Mean ratio (fold change) and p value of genes of the IL-1 family and the IL-1R family, as analyzed by microarray analysis.

  • N.A., not assigned.