Table I. Phenotypic comparison of CD56bright and CD56dim NK cells
MarkerAlso Known AsCD56brightCD56dim
Inhibitory receptors
 Inhibitory KIR (2DL, 3DL)CD158a, b1, b2, e1±
 Activating KIR (2DS, 3DS)CD158e2, h, j±
Activating receptors
 NKp30NCR3 or CD337+++
 NKp46NCR1 or CD335+++
Cytokine receptors
 IL-18R1IL18RA or CD218a+++
Chemokine receptors
 CXCR1IL8RA or CD181++
Adhesion molecules
 CD49eα5 integrin, ITGA5+++
 CD11aITGAL or LFA-1+++
 CD11bITGAM or MAC-1++
Other molecules
 CD57HNK1 or LEU7±
Molecules needed for cytolytic function
 Granzyme A+++
 Granzyme B++
 Granzyme M++
 Granzyme K++
  • ++, strong expression (bright); +, weak expression (dim); ±, expression only on a subpopulation; -, no expression.