Table II.

Comparison of phenotype and functional characteristics of TG-SGC to other human APCa

MacrophagebImmature DCbMature DCbCNS MicrogliabTG-SGC
 CD14 and CD68++c+
 CD16 and CD64++++
 CD11b and CD11c+++++
 MHC class II++++++
 CD40 and CD54++++++
 CD80 and CD86++++++
 Allogeneic MLR++c
  • a Results indicate the presence (+), intensity (++; high and low), or absence (−) of the markers or functional characteristics indicated.

  • b Data previously described (14 24 28 ).

  • c Upon stimulation with LPS, microglia express CD14 and CD83, and are able to induce an allogeneic MLR (24 ).