Table I.

Patient profiles of completed cases in a phase I-II ╬▒GalCer stimulation studya

Case No.Age (y)/GenderDiagnosisCancer LesionPSPrevious TreatmentAdverse Events (Toxicity Grade)
00152/MIV, SqLung, bone1CTFever (I), GOT, GPT, ALP, and potassium elevation (I)
00273/FIIIB, AdLung1CT, STAnemia (II), general fatigue (I)
00366/Mrec, AdLung, bone1CTCre elevation (I), DOE (I)
00444/Mrec, AdLung, pleura0CT, STLDH elevation (I)
00560/Mrec, SqLung1CT, RTAnemia (I)
00857/FIV, AdLung1CTND
01054/Frec, AdLung0CTFever (II), general fatigue (I)
01259/Mrec, AdLung, pleura0CTFever (I), dyspnea (I)
01360/FIIIB, AdLung0CTFever (II)
01643/Mrec, AdLung, liver0CTFever (I), LDH, ALP elevation (I)
01756/Mrec, AdLung, SCLN1CT, RTChill (I), DOE (I), LDH elevation
01862/MIV, AdLung, bone1CT, RTFever (II), DVT rec. (III)
01957/MIIIB, AdLung, pleura0CTFever (II), chest pain (I)
02255/MIIIB, AdLung, pleura1CT, STCre, Amy elevation (I)
02357/Frec, AdLung1CTFever (I), LDH (I)
02462/MIV, SqLung, brain1CTBloody sputum (II), LDH elevation (I)
02556/Mrec, AdLung1CTGeneral fatigue (I), chest pain (I), T-Bil elevation (I)
  • a M, male; F, female; IV, c-stage IV; IIIB, c-stage IIIB; rec, recurrence after complete surgical resection; Ad, adenocarcinoma; Sq, squamous cell carcinoma; SCLN, supraclavicular lymph node; PS, performance status; CT, chemotherapy; ST, surgical treatment; RT, radiation therapy; DOE, dyspnea on effort; DVT rec., recurrence of deep vein thrombosis; GOT, glutamic-oxalacetic transaminase; GPT, glutamic-pyruvic transaminase; ALP, alkaline phosphatase; LDH, lactate dehydrogenase; Cre, creatinine; Amy, amylase; T-Bil, total bilirubin.