Table I.

Surface expression of endogenous and exogenous TCR chains on Jurkat T cells following gene transfer of M1/A1 TCRα, β, or TCRα:ζ, β:ζa

First TCRαβ MelA/A2
Second TCRαβα + βα:ζβ:ζα:ζ + β:ζ
Anti-first TCR-Vβ mAb5.
Anti-second TCR-Vα mAb0.
Anti-second TCR-Vβ mAb0.30.315.318.50.40.543.2
  • a Jurkat T cells were stained for endogenous TCR (i.e. MelA/A2 TCR as a first TCR) with the corresponding anti-TCR-Vβ mAb (i.e., anti-TCR-Vβ27) or exogenous TCR (i.e. M1/A1 TCR as second TCR) either with the corresponding anti-TCR-Vα mAb (i.e., anti-TCR-Vα19) or anti-TCR-Vβ mAb (i.e., anti-TCR-Vβ9) and analyzed by flow cytometry. Data represent MFI values of one of three independent experiments with similar results.