Table I.

Statistical analysis of WSX-1 expression by lymphoid cellsa

Percentage WSX-1high
UninfectedInfected-T. gondii
MeanDev.Total (n =)t test (p =)MeanDev.Total (n =)t test (p =)
Innate immunity
 NK cells
  Resting NK1.1high56.8±3.5449.0±7.16
  Activated NK1.1low30.7±8.540.0517.8±1.5610−4
 NKT cells
  Resting CD3high68.6±4.1474.0±5.57
  Activated CD3low42.9±1.640.0237.0±9.2710−5
Adaptive immunity
 CD4+ T cells
  Naive CD62LhighCD25low22.2±1.4533.9±4.58
  Regulatory CD62LhighCD25high50.4±1.1510−760.8±3.5810−6
  Activated CD62LlowCD25low45.8±4.3510−351.0±11.9810−3
  Activated CD62LlowCD25high51.4±8.150.0163.9±2.9810−5
  Memory CD44highCD45RBlow49.7±9.540.0348.6±10.6610−3
 CD8+ T cells
  Naive CD62Lhigh27.4±0.9451.9±4.86
  Activated CD62Llow42.3±2.540.0256.9±2.660.11
  Memory CD44highCD45RBlow48.3±6.440.0244.6±5.360.12
  • a The mean percentage of WSX-1high NK cells, NKT cells, CD4+ T cells, and CD8+ T cells from either uninfected or T. gondii-challenged mice is presented with the SD (Dev.) and number of samples (Total) in each experimental group. Statistical differences (p values) between resting/naive cells and other experimental groups were determined by Student’s t test.