Table III.

Immature DC numbers and frequencies: comparison of present data with previously published dataa

Present DataChehimi et al. (26 ) (%)Feldman et al. (25 ) (%)Soumelis et al. (27 )
 Control0.19% (4.5/μ1)0.270.25
 HIV0.11% (2.9/μ1)0.270.18
 HCV0.2% (4.8/μ1)
 HCV-HIV0.08% (1.9/μ1)
 Control0.11% (3.1/μ1)μl
 HIV0.12% (1.7/μ1)μ1 (2/μ1 with AIDS)
 HCV0.08% (2.3/μ1)
 HCV-HIV0.07% (1.7/μ1)
  • a Absolute numbers of MDC and PDC populations were calculated based upon the product of the MDC or PDC frequency and the absolute peripheral lymphocyte and mononuclear cell count obtained from the clinical laboratory on the same day.