Table II.

Reconstitution of TCR diversity in JH−/− mice after adoptive transfer of bone marrow B cells or administration of IgGa

JH−/− RecipientTCR Diversity of ThymocytesVariation from JH−/−
Not reconstituted6.5 × 1021
Reconstituted with polyclonal IgG4.3 × 1036.6
Reconstituted with polyclonal B cells5.4 × 1038.3
Reconstituted with monoclonal IgG1.9 × 1010.03
Reconstituted with monoclonal B cells5.3 × 1020.8
Reconstituted with OVA1.6 × 1020.25
  • a Polyclonal B cells (1 × 107) or monoclonal B cells (6 × 106) were injected once i.p. in newborn mice. The polyclonal B cells contained, on average, 1% of CD3+CD4+ and 1.5% of CD3+CD8+ cells, and the monoclonal B cells contained 0% of CD3+CD4+ and 0.07% of CD3+CD8+ cells. Ig or OVA injections were done i.p. weekly with 250 μg of mouse polyclonal IgG (Serotec) or monoclonal anti-keyhole limpet hemceyanin IgG2b (C48-4; BD Biosciences), or with 250 μg of OVA (Sigma-Aldrich), since birth.