Table I. Novel inhibitors of the classical complement pathway
CP Evasion MoleculeOrganism(s)CP Complement TargetInhibitory MechanismRefs.
BBK32B. burgdorferiC1rInhibition of C1r proteolytic activity76
CIPS. agalactiae (group B Streptococcus)C4bInhibition of CP/LP proconvertase formation93
CNA-like MSCRAMMS. aureus, S. mutans, E. faecalis, E. faecium, S. equi, and other Gram-positivesC1qDisplacement of C1r2C1s2 tetramer from C1q and inhibition of C1q/IgM recognition74
EapS. aureusC4bInhibition of CP/LP proconvertase formation85
HAstV-1 coat proteinHuman astroviruses, serotype 1C1qDisplacement of C1r2C1s2 tetramer from C1q6264
TcCRTT. cruziC1q, C1r, C1sCompetition of C1r2C1s2 tetramer with C1q and disruption of C1s activity within the C1 complex6971