Table III.

B. burgdorferi DNA copy numbers in joint and ear tissues of CXCR2-deficient micea

Mouse StrainDay PostinfectionNo. of Copies From:
C3H CXCR2+/+74.8 ± 6.3ND
C3H CXCR2−/−73.4 ± 6.7ND
C3H CXCR2+/+2149.7 ± 18.60.7 ± 0.5
C3H CXCR2−/−2138.1 ± 38.50.1 ± 0.1
DBA CXCR2+/+21176.5 ± 115.20.6 ± 1.0
DBA CXCR2−/−2154.8 ± 33.00.2 ± 0.2
  • a Mice were infected with 2.5 × 105 B. burgdorferi per footpad. Tibiotarsal joints and ear samples were harvested at the times indicated. DNA was isolated and assessed using quantitative real-time PCR as described in Materials and Methods. Samples were normalized using the single copy mouse gene Nidogen and are presented as arithmetic means ± SD per 103 single copy mouse gene. This experiment was conducted twice with similar results using three to five mice per group.