Table I. Molecules implicated in neutrophil recruitment and function during L. monocytogenes infection
FactorEffect on Neutrophil RecruitmentEffect on Neutrophil FunctionEffect on Resistance to L. monocytogenesReferences
G-CSF (KO)General neutropeniaUnknownDecreased25, 26
G-CSFR (KO)General neutropeniaUnknownDecreased25, 26
B7-H4 (KO)Increased recruitment to sites of infectionNo effect on ROS or phagocytosisIncreased27
FPR1 and FPR2 (KO)Delayed recruitment to liverDecreased TNF-α and ROS productionDecreased4143
IL-23p19 (KO)Deficient recruitment to liverUnknownDecreased53
IL-17RA (KO)Deficient recruitment to liverUnknownDecreased53
IL-17A (KO)Deficient recruitment to liverUnknownDecreased52
BLIMP1 (KO)Increased recruitmentUnknownIncreased54
IL-6 (KO)Decreased recruitment into circulationUnknownDecreased64, 65
ecSOD (KO)Decreased recruitment to liverEnhanced TNF-α productionIncreased67
CD11a (KO)Increased recruitment to liverUnknownIncreased50
CD11b (blocking)Reduced recruitment to liverUnknownDecreased29, 51
CD18 (KO)General neutrophiliaUnknownIncreased49
STIM1 (KO)No effectDecreased ROS productionDecreased70
gp91phox/NADPH oxidase (KO)UnknownUnknownDecreased7577
P47phox (KO)UnknownUnknownNo effect78
NRROS (KO)UnknownUnknownIncreased82
iNOS/NOS2 (KO) (blocking)UnknownUnknownKO: decreased Blocking: increased in liver; no effect in spleenKO: 76, 86 Blocking: 87
Sox2 (phagocyte-specific KO; not expressed in macrophages)No effect on recruitment into blood; unknown effect on recruitment to sites of infectionDefective bacterial sensingDecreased94
Toso (KO)UnknownDecreased phagocytosis and impaired cytokine productionDecreased95
4-1BB/CD137 (KO)UnknownDecreased TNF-α and ROS productionDecreased71
TNF-α (phagocyte-specific KO)UnknownDefective TNF-α productionDecreased100
  • BLIMP1, B lymphocyte–induced maturation protein-1.