Table I.

Pre- and postvaccination status of a healthy adult male (To) vaccinated with a single dose of HibCP coupled to TTa

Ig- and Ab-Secreting Cells (SC)/106 PBMC
Day 9 after vaccination
Plasma HibCP Ab (μg/ml)bBefore vaccinationBefore purificationAfter purificationc
Before vaccination1 mo afterTotal IgSCHibCP AbSCdTT AbSCdTotal IgSCHibCP AbSCIgM (%)IgG (%)IgA (%)TT AbSCHibCP AbSCRecovery (%)TT AbSCIgM (%)IgG (%)IgA (%)κ L chain (%)
  • a The plasma HibCP Ab levels and the numbers of circulating Ig-secreting cells (IgSC) and HibCP and TT Ab-secreting cells (AbSC) are given as well as the recovery of AbSC after purification with HibCP-coupled paramagnetic beads. Data with permission from Ref. 10 (copyright 1996, The American Association of Immunologysts).

  • b Lower detection limit of the ELISA was 0.05 μg/ml.

  • c AbSC in the HibCP-binding fraction expressed per 1 × 106 PBMC subjected to purification.

  • d A total of 0.6 × 106 PBMC were tested for each isotype.