Table II.

Histopathological assessment of joints from GM-CSF+/+ and GM-CSF−/− micea

Histological GradeGM-CSF Genotypeb
Total joints5757\E
Normal7 (12)52 (91)c \E
Mild3 (5)1 (2)\E
Moderate6 (11)2 (4)\E
Severe41 (72)2 (4)c
  • a Joints of clinically positive mice in the GM-CSF+/+ (n = 4) and GM-CSF−/− groups (n = 2, plus two other mice) were examined histologically.

  • b Data show the number (% in parentheses) of joints distributed within each histological severity grade for the two genotypes.

  • c p < 0.001, compared to GM-CSF+/+ group.